Creating an Audio Capture question (HTML subjects)

IMPORTANT: This article explains how to create Audio Capture questions in HTML subjects for standard tests. For information on Mixed subject Audio Capture items for legacy tests, read Creating an Audio Capture question (Mixed subjects).

An Audio Capture question allows candidates to record a verbal response to a prompt. In HTML tests, candidates can record up to 60 minutes of audio.

This article explains how to create a basic HTML Audio Capture question in Surpass and includes information on how to limit candidates’ attempts and use the Item, Record, Saving, and Visual options.

In This Article

1. Choose your item type

IMPORTANT: You must be in an HTML subject to create an HTML Audio Capture item. If you create an Audio Capture item in a Mixed subject, it will only be compatible with legacy tests.

In a Mixed subject, select Create New Item to open the Question Types menu. Choose Audio Capture to create a blank Audio Capture item and go to the Edit screen.

2. Name your item

Enter the item’s name in the Name field.

3. Enter your question text

Enter your question text in the question stem. Select Add Text Area to add an additional question stem. You can have a maximum of five question stems per item.

Open Additional Options  to add source material or assistive media to your question stem. In mixed subjects, you can also add a table to your question stem (in HTML subjects, tables can be added using the formatting toolbar).

4. Set the recording time

Set the maximum recording time (in minutes and seconds) in the entry field. The maximum available recording time is 60 minutes (60:00).

Limiting candidates’ attempts

You can restrict how many times candidates can attempt their recorded response.

Using Item Options

Use the Item Options settings in Additional Options to allow candidates to playback their responses and configure audio cues (or “beeps”) on recording start and end.

Using Record Options

Use the Record Options settings in Additional Options to set how the recording starts. You can allow candidates to start the recording themselves or set up recording to automatically begin when the item is loaded.

Using Saving Options

Use the Saving Options setting in Additional Options to determine whether candidates have access to the Save button in delivery.

Using Visual Options

By default, candidates are able to see the following information on an Audio Capture item in delivery:

  • The number of times they have attempted the response.
  • How much recording time they have left on the progress bar.
  • How long they have been recording and their maximum allowed time on the timer.
  • A waveform to indicate microphone input.

You can turn off any or all of these features in Additional Options > Visual Options.

5. Set the question’s marks

Set the item’s total marks in the Mark field.

IMPORTANT: Audio Capture items must be human marked.

6. Select a workflow status

Set the item’s workflow status in the Status drop-down menu. Only items set to Live can be used in a test.

An item's workflow status being set to Live.

7. Preview your question

To see your item from a candidate’s perspective, select Preview .

If you need to continue working on the item, select Edit to return to the Edit screen.

8. Saving and closing your item

Select Save to save your item to your subject.

To see additional saving options, use the Save arrow to open the Save Options menu. Select Save & Close to save the item and return to the Subjects screen. Select Save & New to save the item and create another Audio Capture item.

WARNING: Saving changes to live items included in scheduled tests might affect candidate delivery.

Select Close to leave the Edit screen. If you have unsaved changes, you are prompted to either save or discard them.