Sharing a subject

In Surpass, a subject is where you create and manage items for use in tests. Subjects can hold folders and sub-folders of items, allowing for flexible organisation of your test content. Sharing a subject lets you edit and deliver content from one subject in numerous centres. You might want to share a subject if you need to deliver tests across a range of centres.

You can share a subject with multiple centres in the Subjects screen of Setup.

This article explains how to share a subject in the Subjects screen of Setup.

In this article

1. Go to the Subjects screen in Setup

To view the Subjects screen in Setup, go to Setup > Subjects.

TIP: For more information about the Subjects screen, read About the Subjects screen in Setup.

2. Choose a subject in the Subjects list

In the Subjects list, select the subject you want to share with other centres.

3. Select Share Subject

Select Share Subject to open the Share Subject dialog.

4. Choose a centre in the Available Centres list

The Share Subject dialog displays a list of centres that are available for your subject to be shared with.

NOTE: The chosen subject's parent centre does not appear in the Available Centres list.
TIP: Type in the search bar to filter the Available Centres list in real time. Surpass looks up your search string in centres’ Name and Reference.

Choose a centre in the Available Centres list and use Add  to move it to the Selected Centres list. Use Control Shift to select multiple centres.

5. Assign roles to selected centres

Choose the roles you want centre-level users to have for the shared subject in the Centre Roles column.

NOTE: When a subject has been shared with a centre(s), a user with the Site Administrator role is automatically given full access to the shared subject.

If you want the user to be able to assign a role to another user, select the corresponding checkbox in the Assignable column.

NOTE: If a user does not have the Centre Administrator role and does not have the relevant permissions for the selected centre, their permissions for the shared subject must be manually updated. For more information, read Creating a user.

Select All Centres to make your subject available to all centres. If a new centre is created after the subject has been shared, that subject will automatically be shared with that centre.

NOTE: The Subject Owner role is assigned to all users with the Centre Administrators role.

6. Save your changes

Select Save Changes to confirm you want to share your subject with the relevant centres.

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