Grouping items in a test form

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NOTE: You can only group items in a fixed section. For more information, read Adding items to a fixed section.

You can group items together so they appear on one page when delivered to candidates. You can create groups manually or set up automatic grouping of item sets.

EXAMPLE: You might want to group items to create multi-item questions and utilise different question types for the same topic.

This article explains how to group items in a test form in Test Creation.

TIP: If you are creating a test in the Test Wizard, read ‘Grouping items’ in Creating a test with the Test Wizard.
In this article

1. Create a group in a section

Select a fixed section you want to add a group to.

Select Create Group to create a folder for the item group.

TIP: If your test form contains item sets, select Auto Group to automatically create a group for all items in an item set.

2. Name the group

Choose the group folder.

Select Edit to open the Group Properties dialog and change the group name.

3. Add items to the group

Drag an item from your test structure into the group folder. You can drag the items to reorder them when they are in the group. This order will persist even if Randomise Items is enabled in the section’s Section Properties.

WARNING: Audio Capture items are not currently compatible in a group of items.

You can also select the group folder and use Add to add items to the group in the Section (Fixed) dialog.

NOTE: You can add a maximum of seven items to a group.

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