About tests

In the Tests section of Surpass, you can create, edit and view tests. Tests are containers for test forms, which are the digital equivalent of examination papers that are delivered to candidates. Multiple test forms can be associated with a single test.

In the Tests screen, you can configure the general and advanced settings for a test, which apply to each test form contained in a test. You can also apply custom branding and style profiles to a test. For more information, read About test profiles.

Read the following articles to learn more about tests.

  • About the Tests screen – You can create, edit, and view tests in the Tests screen. You can also search for tests using a number of filter options.
  • Creating tests – Instructions on how to create tests.
  • Cloning tests – Learn how to copy the structure of existing tests to create new tests.
  • About test settings – Explains all test settings available in Test Details.

For more information about test forms, read About test forms.