About the Candidate Review screen

IMPORTANT: Only scripts in Audit can be scheduled for a candidate review.

A candidate review session allows candidates to re-enter their tests to review the items and their responses. In Surpass, the Candidate Review screen is where candidate review sessions are scheduled for particular candidates on a specific date and time.

WARNING: Tests deleted in Test Creation will not be available for scheduling in Candidate Review.

This article explains what the Candidate Review screen is, including how to schedule a candidate review session.

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Navigating to the Candidate Review screen

To view the Candidate Review screen, go to Test Administration > Candidate Review.

About the Schedule Review grid

The Schedule Review grid in the Candidate Review screen lists all upcoming candidate review sessions. Refer to the following table for information on each column.

IMPORTANT: The visible columns and their order are determined by the settings chosen in Site Settings Customise Columns. For more information, read About Customise Columns options.
Column Description
Date Displays the date on which the review session is scheduled to take place.
Time Displays the time window in which the review session will take place.
Passcode Displays the six digit passcode required to access the candidate review session.
Centre Displays the name of the centre at which the candidate review session will take place.
Test Displays the name of the test that is being reviewed.
No. of Candidates Displays the total number of candidates scheduled for the candidate review session.

About the Candidate Information grid

The Candidate Information grid lists all scheduled candidates for each candidate review session. Refer to the following table for information on each column.

Column Description
Name Displays the name of the candidate.
Candidate Ref Displays the candidate’s unique alphanumeric reference number.
Keycode Displays the candidate’s unique six digit keycode. Candidates will use this keycode to access the test during the candidate review session.
Completed Date Displays the date on which the candidate completed their test.

Finding a candidate review session

You can filter and reorganise the information displayed in the Candidate Review grid. You can combine multiple filters.

Filtering candidate review sessions in the Candidate Review grid

Use the Calendar to only display candidate review sessions in the Next 30 Days, This Week, Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last 30 Days, or a Custom Date Range.

For Custom Date Range, use the date picker to choose a date range.

Select Filter to find candidate review sessions based on Centre and Subject. Select Clear to reset the filter.

Finding candidates in the Candidates panel

You can find candidates using the free text search field in the Candidates panel. Search for candidates using their last name, keycode, or candidate reference number.

Sorting candidate review sessions

Select a column header in any grid to sort the cell data alphabetically or numerically.

NOTE: You cannot sort on the Time column.

The arrow icon on the column header represents whether the information in the column is sorted in ascending () or descending () order. You can toggle between ascending or descending order by selecting the column header.

Actions on the Candidate Review screen

There are many actions you can take on the Candidate Review screen. Refer to the following table for more information on each option.

Setting Description
Schedule Review Schedules a candidate review session. For more information, read Scheduling a candidate review session.
Print Keycodes Allows users to print candidate review slips containing information about the candidate review session. 
Edit Allows users to edit the selected candidate review session.
Review History Allows users to review the history of a candidate review session.

Deletes the selected candidate review session.

NOTE: Only entire candidate review sessions can be deleted. To remove an individual candidate from a candidate review session, you must edit the candidate review session.
Additional Candidate Information

Allows users to view additional information about individual candidates.

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