Uploading a conversion profile

IMPORTANT: You must have the Manage Unit Conversions permission to access the Unit Conversions screen. For more information, read About roles and permissions.

A conversion profile contains rules that are used to convert units in items. You can upload conversion profiles in the Unit Conversions screen.

This article explains how to upload a conversion profile, including how to populate your conversion spreadsheet.

In this article

1. Go to the Unit Conversions screen

To view the Unit Conversions screen, go to Item Authoring > Unit Conversions.

NOTE: For more information about Unit Conversions, read About the Unit Conversions screen.

2. Select Upload Profile

Select Upload Profile to upload your conversion profile.

3. Choose your conversion profile

You can choose to upload a new conversion profile or replace an existing conversion profile.

Uploading a new conversion profile

You can upload a new conversion profile in the Upload Profile dialog.

Replacing an existing conversion profile

You can replace an existing conversion profile in the Upload Profile dialog.

Populating your conversion spreadsheet

IMPORTANT: You can create a maximum of 200 rules in your conversion spreadsheet.

You must populate your conversion spreadsheet with the rules required to convert units in items.

You can also include Unit, Context One, and Context Two glossary terms in your conversion spreadsheet. When you perform a unit conversion, Surpass searches for any alternative glossary terms specified in your conversion spreadsheet. For example, Surpass might search for a variation in spelling (kg, k g, kilograms).

4. Complete uploading your conversion profile

When you have uploaded your conversion profile, you are notified if the upload was successful. Select View Report to download a report about your conversion profile. Select Close to return to the Unit Conversions screen.

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