Test Delivery

The Surpass test driver enables efficient and reliable test delivery on multiple digital platforms. You can take tests within a web browser, on an iPad (or an Android tablet using our Surpass (Legacy) tablet app), or on an offline Windows machine running SecureClient in lockdown mode, which locks down candidates’ devices and prevent access to external apps and the internet.

This article gives an overview of the Test Delivery section of the Surpass Help Site.

In this section

About web delivery

Surpass tests can be taken in a web browser. Web delivery allows for quick and lightweight testing across any device, but does not come with the resilience or additional functionality of SecureClient. The standard Surpass test driver can be launched in any web browser using HTML5. The legacy Surpass test driver can be launched in the Surpass Viewer. To learn more, read About web delivery.

About SecureClient

SecureClient is a standalone desktop delivery app with offline test support and built-in protections against internet and device failure. SecureClient features lockdown capabilities that prevent candidates from leaving the test session and accessing any other apps on their device. To learn more about SecureClient, including installation instructions and information about the Admin Console, read About SecureClient.

About the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app

The Surpass (Legacy) tablet app integrates the Surpass system into an application that can be used to take tests on Apple and Android tablet devices. To learn more about the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app, including installation instructions and how to use the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app’s test driver, read About the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app.

Using the Surpass test driver

Using the Surpass test driver features comprehensive documentation on all elements of the candidate experience, from opening a test and entering a keycode, to navigating items within a test and controlling media playback, to submitting the test and viewing summary feedback after submission.