Creating items for Surpass (Legacy) tablet delivery

To create items for tests delivered using the Surpass (Legacy) tablet application, you must ensure that the item itself and the features included within are supported in app delivery.

This article explains which item types are supported in tests delivered using Surpass (Legacy) tablet delivery.

In this article

Choosing your item type

The following question types are supported in app delivery:

These items display a Tablet icon in the Create New Item menu to indicate that they are supported in tablet delivery.

Creating your item

The following features are supported in items:

  • Single question stems.
  • Text-based answer options.
  • Standard marking.
  • Single column answer options (Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Either/Or questions).
  • Answer option labels (Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions).
  • Exclusive answer option (Multiple Response questions).
  • Alternative answers, case sensitivity, and Limit Candidate Response (Short Answer questions).
  • Standard Entry mode and Limit Candidate Response (Numerical Entry questions).
  • Maximum drag option limits (Drag and Drop questions).
  • Mark schemes.
WARNING: The Surpass (Legacy) tablet app only supports basic item functionality. Features that are not listed are considered unsupported. Items that contain unsupported features will not display correctly during tests and may produce errors.

Once you have checked that your item and its features can be used in a Surpass (Legacy) tablet test, see Creating Items for detailed information on how to create different item types.