Starting a test

There are some key steps candidates need to follow before starting a test in the Surpass test driver. These steps are designed to ensure a smooth test experience and include checking your system, entering your keycode, and confirming your details.

In This Article

Opening the Surpass test driver

Opening the Surpass test driver explores how you can access your test. This includes details on how to navigate to the Launch Test screen and how to choose a test delivery option.

Checking your system

Checking your system gives full instructions on how to check your system before starting a test. You will also learn how to test your microphone for tests containing Audio Capture items.

Entering your keycode and confirming your details

Entering your keycode and confirming your details explains how to enter your unique alphanumeric keycode and confirm your details before starting a test. This includes information on how to configure colour preferences for your test.

Starting invigilated tests

Starting invigilated tests contains information on how to unlock invigilated tests with or without a PIN code.