Finalising tasks

As a manager, you can finalise a task when you are satisfied that assignees have completed their work. Finalising a task marks it as Complete and updates and unlocks all task items in Item Authoring.

This article explains how to finalise a task, including how to mark a task as incomplete after it has been closed.

In this article

1. Find the task

NOTE: If you have both Manager and Assignee permissions, select All Tasks on the All Tasks / Own Tasks toggle to see the tasks you are managing.

Go to the Tasks section of Surpass and select the task you want to edit on the Tasks list.

TIP: To find a specific task, you can search, order, and filter the Tasks list. For more information, read ‘Finding tasks’ in About the Tasks screen.

2. Check the progress of the task

Before finalising the selected task, you can check its progress in the task details panel.

The task details panel has doughnut charts representing the number of days remaining until the task’s deadline, for Review and Authoring tasks the number of items left to action, and for Standard Setting tasks the number of items in the task.

3. Finalise the task

WARNING: Finalising a Review task deletes all unsubmitted item versions. If an assignee has made changes to an item but has not submitted the item, their changes will be lost.

Select Finalise Task to close the task.

Marking the task as incomplete

You might want to mark a task as incomplete if it was incorrectly finalised or needs to be worked on again.

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