Adding assistive media to an item

Assistive media are small audio and video files that can be added to items so that candidates can hear content in a chosen language or watch a visual aid. Assistive media can be used to improve the accessibility of your items or create unique assessment materials (for example, language testing).

This article explains how to add assistive media to items.

In this article

1. Go to your item’s Edit screen

Select an item in your subject to open it and go to the Edit screen.

2. Add assistive media

You can add assistive media to the question stem of all item types and the answer options for the following item types:

Adding assistive media to a question stem

Open the question stem’s Additional Options menu and select Add Assistive Media to open the import dialog.

Adding assistive media to an answer option

Select an answer option to reveal the Assistive Media block. Select Add Assistive Media to open the import dialog.

3. Import media

IMPORTANT: Assistive audio must be in MP3 format and no larger than 1 MB for both Mixed and HTML subjects. Assistive video can be either FLV or MP4, must be no larger than 10 MB, and is only supported in Mixed subjects and legacy tests.

Select Import to open your device’s file explorer. Choose your media file to upload it to Surpass.

When the media file is uploaded, select Confirm to add it to the item. Select Remove this assistive media .

After the assistive media has been added to the item, you can remove it by selecting Remove this assistive media .

TIP: For more information about how assistive media works in delivery, read ‘Using the assistive Surpass audio player’ in About the Surpass audio player and ‘Using the assistive Surpass video player’ in About the Surpass video player.