Viewing candidate feedback in the test driver

IMPORTANT: Candidate feedback is not supported in HTML tests. Feedback added to items in HTML subjects can be viewed as part of summary feedback. For more information, read Adding candidate feedback to items and Viewing summary feedback in the test driver.

Candidates can access feedback during a test if an item author has added it. Candidate feedback can help candidates during low-stakes and formative assessments.

This article explains how to access feedback during a test as a candidate, including the differences between General and Correct/Incorrect feedback, and how to hide candidate feedback. For information about adding candidate feedback to items as an item author, read Adding candidate feedback to items.

In this article

Viewing feedback

Select View Feedback to view candidate feedback that is attached to an item.

Candidate feedback has two modes – General feedback and Correct/Incorrect feedback. These modes display differently when you select View Feedback .

General feedback

General feedback displays the same message to all candidates.

Correct/Incorrect feedback

Correct/Incorrect feedback shows different messages depending on your choice of answer.

If you select the correct answer, the test driver displays the Correct feedback.

If you select the incorrect answer, the test driver displays the Incorrect feedback.

Hiding feedback

You can hide feedback if you no longer need it.

Select Hide Feedback to hide candidate feedback.

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