Using the Calculator in the test driver

Candidates can use a calculator when taking tests in the Surpass test driver.

There are two types of calculator available to you – Basic Calculator and Scientific Calculator. Item authors decide which type of calculator is available to candidates.

This article explains how to use the calculator, including how to switch between basic and scientific modes, group display digits, copy answers from the display into the test driver, move the calculator, and close the calculator.

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Opening the Calculator

IMPORTANT: The calculator tool is only available when it has been added to an item by an item author.

Open the calculator by selecting Basic Calculator or Scientific Calculator .

By default, these buttons are named Basic Calculator or Scientific Calculator but may have been changed by the item author when the item was created.

Using the Calculator

Select the buttons on the calculator to use it. You can also use keyboard inputs.

As well as standard calculator functions, the calculator in Surpass has additional modes and functionality.

Switching modes

You can switch between the scientific calculator mode and the basic calculator mode if the item author added the scientific calculator.

Select Basic to switch to the basic calculator mode.

Select Scientific to switch back to the scientific calculator mode.

Grouping digits

You can change how digits are formatted on the calculator display. By default, digits are displayed without any separation.

Select Digit Grouping to add commas that separate digits.

Digits are now separated by commas to help you easily read the calculator display.

Copying answers from the Calculator

You can copy answers from the calculator display and paste them into your answer.

Select Copy to copy the currently displayed number to your device’s clipboard.

Paste the number into the test driver by selecting a field and pressing Control + V.

Alternatively, you can right click a field and select Paste.

Moving the Calculator

You can move the calculator around the test driver.

Click and drag the title bar to move the calculator.

Closing the Calculator

WARNING: The calculator does not save your inputs. If you close the calculator, you lose your calculations.

Select Close to close the calculator.

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