Editing a subject

In Surpass, a subject is where you create and manage items for use in tests. Subjects can hold folders and sub-folders of items, allowing for flexible organisation of your test content. You can also upload media to your subject’s media library for use in its items. A subject is associated with at least one centre. Any tests created in the subject can be scheduled at the associated centre(s).

This article explains how to edit a subject in the Subjects screen of Setup.

In this article

1. Go to the Subjects screen in Setup

To view the Subjects screen in Setup, go to Setup > Subjects.

TIP: For more information about the Subjects screen, read About the Subjects screen in Setup.

2. Choose a subject in the Subjects list

Select the subject you want to edit in the Subjects list.

3. Select Edit in the Subject Details panel

Select Edit to open the Edit Subject Details dialog.

TIP: For more information about the Team Members and Subject Group panels, read Managing subject team members and Setting up a subject group.

4. Edit the subject’s settings

The Edit Subject Details dialog displays all editable settings available for your subject. Refer to the following table for information about each setting.

Setting Description
Name Enter a new name for your subject.
Reference Enter a new alphanumeric reference code for your subject. This must be unique.
Centre Choose a new centre.
Content Type

Displays the content type of this subject.

NOTE: The content type of a subject is determined when the subject is created and cannot be edited in the Edit Subject Details dialog. For more information, read Creating a subject in Setup.
Subject Tags

Allows users to assign subject tags to this subject. This is useful for filtering a large number of subjects when scheduling tests. For more information, read Setting up subject tags.

Secure File Attach

Determines whether Secure File Attach is applied to all File Attach items in this subject. For more information, read Creating a File Attach question.


Determines the default font and font size for question text and answer options in this subject. 

Subject Master List

Determines whether a subject master list is created for this subject. For more information about creating subject master lists, read Creating a subject in Setup.  

CSS File

Allows users to apply a CSS file to this subject. A CSS file customises the appearance of items when delivered in HTML. For more information, read About Site Settings options.


Determines the status of this subject.

Select Active to allow full access to this subject. Newly created subjects are set to Active by default.

Select Active (Registration Closed) to prevent new candidates from being associated with this subject. Users can continue creating items in this subject and schedule tests for existing candidates.

Select Archived to prevent this subject from being available for item creation and test scheduling.

Enable checkboxes in Item Authoring

Determines whether checkboxes are displayed in delivery on Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Either/Or items, and Multiple Choice and Multiple Response survey items.

5. Save your changes

To update your subject, select Save Changes in the Edit Subject Details dialog.

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