Deleting a scheduled test session in the Schedule (Standard) screen

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You can delete test sessions from the Schedule (Standard) screen of Test Administration. You can do this when you want to remove a test session with candidates on a specific date and time.

Test forms must be in the Editable state to be deleted. Deleted test sessions cannot be restored.

This article explains how to delete a test session.

In this article

1. Go to the Schedule (Standard) screen

To view the Schedule screen, go to Test Administration > Schedule.

Select Standard on the Standard / Legacy toggle to view the Schedule (Standard) screen.

NOTE: For more information about the Schedule screen, read About the Schedule (Standard) screen.

2. Choose a test session

Select the test session from the Schedule grid.

NOTE: You can only delete one test session at a time.

3. Delete your test session

Select Delete Test to delete the session.

Only the selected candidate is removed from a test session.

NOTE: Tests can only be deleted when their status is Editable. To learn more about the statuses of test sessions see About the Schedule (Standard) screen.