Exporting Review task items

IMPORTANT: You must have the Export Items permission in order to export items from a Review task. For more information, read About roles and permissions.

As a manager, you can download and export data from Review tasks in the task details panel.

You can export Review task items to a document, choosing which item elements you want to include like comments, candidate feedback, and embedded media from both the Surpass media library and Nuxeo. The file format of Review task item documents is DOCX.

One document is generated for Shared Review tasks and Item Analysis Review tasks containing all task items. Two documents are generated for Individual Review tasks: one with unaltered central item copies and another with both central and review copies for each item. Other files, such as mark schemes and assistive media, are contained in a ZIP file.

This article explains how to export Review task items to a document.

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1. Find the task

NOTE: If you have both Manager and Assignee permissions, select All Tasks on the All Tasks / Own Tasks toggle to see the tasks you are managing.

Go to the Tasks section of Surpass and select the Review task you want on the Tasks list.

TIP: To find a specific task, you can search, order, and filter the Tasks list. For more information, read ‘Finding tasks’ in About the Tasks screen.

2. Export the items

To export the items of the chosen Review task, select Word .

3. Choose additional information

Selecting Word opens the Export Task Items dialog where you can decide what you want to include in your item export. The following table explains the available options under Include Additional Information. All options are enabled by default. You can clear any elements you do not want in your export.

Option Description
Answer Key Includes asterisks (*) to indicate which answers are correct. 

Includes information about the the items’ marks. 

Mark Scheme

Includes any mark schemes attached to the items.

For more information, read Uploading a mark scheme to an item.

Candidate Feedback

Includes any candidate feedback attached to the items.

For more information, Adding candidate feedback to items.


Includes any comments left on the items.

For more information, Leaving comments on items.


Includes any citations left on the items.

For more information, Adding citations to an item.

Edited By Includes information on who has edited the items.
Created Date Includes information on when the items were created.
Last Edit Date Includes information on when the items were last edited.

Includes any tags attached to the items.

For more information, Using tags in items.

Source Material

Includes any source material attached to the items.

For more information, read About source material.

Candidate Feedback Media Includes any candidate feedback media attached to the items. 
Assistive Media

Includes any assistive media attached to the items.

For more information, read Adding assistive media to an item.

Answer Rationale Includes any rationale that has been added to Multiple Choice and Multiple Response answer options. 
Inline Comments

Includes any inline comments left on the items.

For more information, read Leaving comments on items.

Select Generate Word Document to confirm your additional information and start the export process.

4. Open the link

Surpass generates the export document in the background, allowing you to continue working in the system.

An email containing a secure link to the document is sent to the email address associated with your user account. This link is only available for 24 hours and can only be opened by you.

Open the link to download the export document to your device.

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