Setting up tag categories

In Surpass, you can attach metadata (known as “tags”) to items and then use these tags to organise items when authoring content, creating tests, and viewing results. Tags are made up of “tag groups” and “tag values”. Tag groups are categorised containers for tag values.

Tag groups can be further categorised into tag categories. You can create tag categories in the Subjects screen of Setup. Tag categories are subject specific.

This article explains how to set up tag categories in the Subjects screen of Setup, including how to edit a tag category.

In this article

1. Go to the Subjects screen in Setup

To view the Subjects screen in Setup, go to Setup > Subjects.

TIP: For more information about the Subjects screen, read About the Subjects screen in Setup.

2. Choose a subject in the Subjects list

Choose a subject in the Subjects list.

3. Select Create Tag Category in the Tag Categories panel

The Tags Categories panel displays the chosen subject’s existing tag categories.

Select Create Tag Category to create a new tag category.

4. Create your tag category

NOTE: Tag groups can be associated with multiple tag categories.

Enter a name for the tag category in the Create Tag Category dialog.

TIP: Type in the search bar to filter the Tag Groups list in real time. Surpass looks up your search string in tag groups’ name.

Choose a tag group in the Tag Groups list. Select More in the Tag Values list to view any tag values contained in the chosen tag group.

5. Save your tag category

Select Create Tag Category to create your tag category.

The new tag category appears in the chosen subject’s Tag Categories panel.

Editing tag categories

Select Edit  next to a tag category in the Tag Categories panel to edit a tag category.

In the Edit Tag Category dialog, you can rename the tag category and change which tag groups are associated with the tag category.

Select Save Changes to update your tag category.

Deleting tag categories

Select Edit  next to a tag category in the Tag Categories panel to edit a tag category.

Select Delete Tag Category to mark the tag category for deletion.

Select Confirm in the Confirm dialog to confirm you want to delete the tag category.

NOTE: Deleting a tag category does not delete any associated tag groups.

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