Re-marking a script

WARNING: This article refers to an area of Surpass that uses Flash, which is no longer supported by web browsers. Use the Surpass Viewer to view this area of Surpass. For more information, read Installing the Surpass Viewer.
IMPORTANT: You must flag a script for re-marking in Audit before you can re-mark the script. For more information, read Flagging a script for re-marking in the Audit screen.

In the Re-mark screen, you can review and re-mark scripts. This includes re-assigning marks, adding comments, and viewing the marking history of items in a test.

This article explains how to re-mark a script in the Re-mark screen, including how to view candidates’ responses.

In this article

1. Go to the Re-mark screen

To re-mark a script, navigate to the Re-mark screen in Test Administration.

TIP: For more information about Re-mark, read About the Re-mark screen.

2. Choose a script

Select the relevant script in the Re-mark grid.

Select View Responses to open the Mark Script dialog.

3. Re-mark the script

In the Mark Script dialog, you can view candidate responses, re-assign marks, and view a marking history for each item in the test. For full instructions on how to mark a script, read step 3 in Marking a script in the Mark screen.

WARNING: Re-marked test forms cannot be rescored in Rescoring.

4. Submit the script

NOTE: Scripts can be re-marked an unlimited number of times.

Select Submit Script in the Mark Script dialog when you have re-marked the script.

Select Submit Script to submit the re-marked script.

Select OK to confirm you want to submit the re-marked script.

In the Audit screen, the script changes from Requested to Re-marked in the Re-mark Status column.

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