Creating a General task

NOTE: Only users with the General Manager permission can create General tasks. For more information, read About task managers, assignees, and lead assignees.

A General task requires an assignee to complete an action and log their progress in Surpass. As a manager, you can create a General task and set another user as an assignee to complete it. You can monitor the assignee’s progress on the Tasks screen.

EXAMPLE: You might want to use General tasks to assign jobs that cannot be tracked in Authoring tasks or Review tasks. For example, requesting an assignee to create a test.

This article explains how to create and assign General tasks.

In this article

1. Check task prerequisites

To create a General task, your intended assignee must have the General Assignee permission at the level of the required parent subject. To learn more, read Preparing for tasks.

2. Choose your task type

To create a task, select Create task on the Tasks screen.

Select General in the Create Task dialog.

3. Set task details

Fill in the following fields in the Task Details tab.

NOTE: Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
Setting Description
Name* The name of the task.
Reference* An alphanumeric reference code used to identify your task. This must be unique.
Description Information about the task. The Description field accepts a maximum of 4,000 characters.
Start Date* The day that the task begins. This cannot be in the past.
End Date* The day that the task finishes. You can extend this later if necessary. For more information, read Editing tasks.

Select Continue to confirm these details.

4. Choose your task assignee

NOTE: You can only assign one user to a General task.

Select the Parent Subject that the General task belongs to. This determines which users can be assigned to the task.

Select a user in the Assigned to menu to assign them to this task.

NOTE: Only users with access to the Parent Subject and the General Assignee permission can be selected in the Assigned to menu.

5. Create the task

Select Create Task to finish creating the General task.

The assignee can access the task on the Tasks screen after the start date set in Task Details.

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