Using the Surpass test driver

The Surpass test driver enables efficient and reliable test delivery on multiple digital platforms. You can take tests within a web browser, on an Android or iOS tablet, or on an offline Windows machine running SecureClient, which can lock down candidates’ devices and prevent access to external apps and the internet.

Candidates can enter their tests with a personal keycode and are able to interact with the Surpass test driver using a variety of robust and intuitive on-screen tools.

This page gives an overview of the Using the Surpass test driver section of the Surpass Help Site.

In This Article

Starting a test

Starting a test discusses everything you need to know before starting a test in Surpass. This includes instructions on how to open the test driver, how to check your system, and how to enter your unique alphanumeric keycode. You will also learn how to start invigilated tests.

During a test

During a test contains information on how to interact with the Surpass test driver. You will learn how to navigate the test driver and how to understand test sections. This section also includes details on how to flag items, how to view candidate feedback, and how to use a variety of on-screen tools like the calculator and the caliper tool.

Finishing a test

Finishing a test gives instructions on how to submit a test for marking. This includes information on how to submit scripts and how to view summary feedback on your performance in a particular section of a test or across an entire test.