Site Settings

The Site Settings section of Surpass is where you can configure site-wide settings for your instance. This includes top-level Item Authoring and Test Administration settings, as well as how Surpass integrates with other apps and systems.

This page gives an overview of the Site Settings section of the Surpass Help Site.

In this section

About My Profile options

About My Profile options contains information on how you can change the personal details associated with a user’s Surpass account. These personal details include email addresses, passwords, and security questions.

About Site Settings options

About Site Settings options gives instructions on how to configure the options in Site Settings, including how to enable beta functionality and Single Sign On. You will also learn how to create custom workflow statuses.

About Branding options

About Branding options looks at the ways in which you can customise the appearance of Surpass to match your organisation’s brand. You will also learn how to change logos, email footers, and home page content.

About Customise Columns options

About Customise Columns options explores how you can customise the layout and content of the Test Administration screens.

About Regional Settings options

About Regional Settings options contains information on how you can determine the default separator format for digits in Numerical Entry, Table, and Spreadsheet items.

About Roles

About Roles explains how you can create and edit custom roles for users in your Surpass instance. This section also includes details on the difference between roles and permissions and how they work in Surpass.