Creating a component template

IMPORTANT: You must have the Manage Templates permission to access the Templates screen. For more information, read About roles and permissions.

You can create a component template in the Templates screen. Component templates can be added to any question or answer stem in HTML subjects.

This article explains how to create a component template in the Templates screen.

In This Article

1. Go to the Templates screen

To view the Templates screen, go to Item Authoring > Templates.

TIP: For more information about Templates, read About Templates.

2. Select Component Templates

Select Component Templates to open the component templates panel.

3. Create your component template

Select Create New Component Template to create a new component template and go to the Edit screen.

4. Edit your component template

NOTE: You can use component templates in question and answer stems.

You can use the full functionality of the formatting toolbar to edit your component template. For more information, read Creating items.

Give your component template a name, and set its workflow status in the Status menu. Only component templates set to Live can be used in items.

5. Saving your component template

Select Save to save your component template. Select Close to leave your component template without saving.

When you have saved your component template and set its workflow status to Live, it can be used in HTML subjects. For more information about using templates to create items, read Using templates to create items.

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