Retiring a candidate

Candidates (also known as “students” or “learners”) are people that take tests using Surpass. Unlike users, candidates do not log into Surpass. Candidates only access their tests in the test driver—either in a web browser or SecureClient.

You can retire candidates to prevent them from being scheduled for any further tests. You cannot delete candidates in Surpass. This is to preserve test analytics and item reporting data.

This article explains how to retire a candidate in the Candidates screen.

TIP: If you want to unretire a retired candidate, perform steps 1-3 and clear Retired in the Edit Candidate Details dialog.
In this article

1. Go to the Candidates screen

To view the Candidates screen, go to Setup > Candidates.

2. Choose a candidate

Select the candidate you want to retire in the Candidates list.

3. Select Edit

Select Edit in the Candidate Details panel.

4. Select Retired

Select Retired in the Edit Candidate Details dialog to mark the candidate for retirement.

5. Confirm changes

Select Save Changes to retire the candidate.

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