Creating URL source material

You can create source material in a subject’s media library that lets candidates to access specific web pages during a test. This allows you to provide controlled access to the internet when candidates sit tests in locked down SecureClient.

In the test driver, candidates can copy text from whitelisted websites in URL source material and use the right mouse button context menu to navigate back and forward.

This article explains how to create URL source material in the media library.

In this article

1. Open the media library

In your subject, select Media Library to open the subject’s media library.

2. Open the source material editor

Use Create Source Material to open the Edit Source Material window.

3. Select source material mode

You can create two kinds of source material in the Edit Source Material window: HTML source material and URL source material.

Select the URL tab to create URL source material. For more information on HTML source material, read Creating HTML source material.

4. Name your source material

Enter the source material’s name in the Name field.

5. Enter your source material content

Enter the site you want candidates to see as they open the URL source material in the Main URL field.

NOTE: The number sign/hash symbol (#) is not accepted in URL source material.

Adding supporting URLs

You can add any other sites you want candidates to be able to access in the Supporting URLs section. This includes any sites linked from the main URL or external image sources.

Adding wildcard URLs

Use wildcards when the main URL contains multiple links to different parts of the same website. Using wildcards means you do not have to add all separate link destinations as supporting URLs.

Importing a URL Whitelist

Importing a CSV file of whitelisted URLs allows you to add the sites you want candidates to be able to access in bulk.

6. Preview your source material

Select Preview to see your source material from a candidate’s perspective.

NOTE: Only the main URL displays when previewing URL source material.

7. Save your source material

Select Save to save your source material to your subject’s media library.

To see additional saving functionality, use the Save arrow to reveal the Save & Close button. Select Save & Close to save your progress and return to the media library.

NOTE: If you are saving changes to an existing source material already added to one or more live items, one of the items will also need resaving for the changes to the source material to take effect across all the items.
TIP: If you want to exit the source material without saving your changes, select Close.