About test sections

In the Surpass test driver, a section is an item container. All tests contain a minimum of one section and can be configured for different delivery and test purposes. For example, sections can have individual time limits or be combined into pools to allow candidates to freely move between sections.

This article explains how candidates can interact with and navigate different sections in the Surpass test driver.

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About timed sections

NOTE: You can set up timed sections in the Test Duration area of the Test Form Rules window. For more information, read 'Setting up a test with timed sections' in About test form duration.

In a test with timed sections, each section has an individual time limit. You can select the section timer to toggle between remaining section time and remaining test time.

You can only work in one timed section at a time. If you decide to leave a section or run out of time in a section, you cannot return and your remaining time in that section is lost.

Pool Section Time (HTML tests only)

IMPORTANT: Section timer pools can only be used in standard tests. For more information, read ‘Pool Section Time (HTML tests only)’ in About test form duration.

If the test creator enabled Pool Section Time, you can freely manage your time by moving between pooled sections. The pooled time available is equal to the total duration of the sections contained in the pool. When the pooled time runs out, you cannot answer any questions in the remaining sections.

Scheduled breaks

If enabled, you can take breaks at the end of sections. During the break, the test timer is paused and you cannot view or interact with the test content. For more information, read Taking breaks in the test driver.

About section types

NOTE: For more information on how to set up sections, read Adding sections to a test form. For more information on how to configure section details, including how to create forward only sections, read 'Section Details' in Adding sections to a test form.

There are three section types available in Surpass. Each section type behaves differently.

Standard sections

Standard sections contain question items. These can be timed or untimed.

Survey sections

NOTE: Survey sections are only supported in standard delivery.

Survey sections contain non-scored items that gather data from candidates. If your run out of time on your test, you can still complete any remaining survey sections.

Survey sections have their own timers independent of the test’s timer. Survey sections do not affect the test’s progress bar and always show 100% completion. You can select the countdown clock to switch between survey and test timers.

Section selectors

NOTE: Section selectors are only supported in legacy delivery. For more information, read Adding section selectors to a test form.

If the test creator has enabled section selectors, you can choose which section to complete in your test. This gives you some freedom in choosing a route through a test. Section selectors are indicated in the test breadcrumbs by the following icon: .

You can choose which section to complete. For more information on setting up section selectors, read Adding section selectors to a test form.

TIP: Use Section Review to view detailed information on the status of items in a section. For more information, read ‘Using Section Review’ in Navigating a test in the test driver.