Flagging a script for re-marking in the Audit screen

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When a script is in the audit warehouse in the Audit screen, you can send it for re-marking if necessary. Re-marking a script can include re-assigning marks, adding comments, and viewing the marking history of items.

This article explains how to flag a script for re-marking in the Audit screen.

In this article

1. Go to the Audit screen

To view the Audit screen, go to Test Administration > Audit.

TIP: For more information about Audit, read About the Audit screen.

2. Choose a script

Select the script you want to view in the Audit grid.

3. Flag for re-marking

Select Flag For Re-Mark to send the selected script to the Re-mark screen for re-marking.

The script’s Re-mark Status changes to Requested to indicate that the script is awaiting re-marking.

TIP: You can reverse flagging for re-marking by selecting Cancel Re-Mark.

For more information about re-marking a script, read Re-marking a script.

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