Setting up Learning Outcome boundaries

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If your test items have been set up with Learning Outcome tag values, you can define percentage marks you want candidates to meet for each Learning Outcome to pass the test.

You can define separate pass percentages for specific Learning Outcome tag values and create an overall pass percentage for all other Learning Outcome tag values.

TIP: Learning Outcome boundaries only determine whether candidates pass or fail the test. If you want to set up multiple grade boundaries for Learning Outcomes, read ‘Candidate Score Boundary’ in About test settings.

This article explains how to set up Learning Outcome boundaries on a test form.

In this article

1. Go to Test Form Details

Navigate to Test Creation > Test Forms and select the relevant test form in the grid.

Select Edit Test Form to open the Edit Test Form window.

In the Edit Test Form window, open the Test Form Details tab.

2. Enable Learning Outcome boundaries

Select Apply Learning Outcome (LO) Boundaries to enable Learning Outcomes boundaries.

3. Edit Learning Outcome boundaries

Select Edit to open the Learning Outcome Boundaries dialog.

Select Add to add a specific Learning Outcome tag value.

Enter the Learning Outcome’s name in the Enter Learning Outcome Name field and enter the percentage value you want to set as the Learning Outcome’s pass mark.

IMPORTANT: You must enter the name of Learning Outcome tag values exactly as they appear in your subject.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary to specify pass boundaries for all relevant Learning Outcomes.

You can set a base pass level for all other Learning Outcomes not otherwise specified in the Value for Unspecified LO Boundaries field.

4. Save the Learning Outcome boundaries

Select OK to save the Learning Outcome boundaries to the test form.

IMPORTANT: You must also select OK in the Edit Test Form window to save your test form.