Working in a General task as an assignee

NOTE: Only users with the General Assignee permission can work in General tasks. For more information, read About task managers, assignees, and lead assignees.

In a General task, you complete an action and log your progress in Surpass. You can monitor your deadlines on the Tasks screen.

This article explains how to work in General tasks that you are assigned to, including how to find your task, check its details, and mark the task as complete/incomplete.

In this article

1. Find your task

NOTE: If you have both assignee and manager permissions, select Own Tasks on the All Tasks / Own Tasks toggle to only see tasks that have been assigned to you.

On the Tasks list, select the General task you want to work on. The task details panel displays the task’s description and deadline. For more information, read About the Tasks screen.

TIP: To find a specific task, you can search, order, and filter the Tasks list. For more information, read ‘Finding tasks’ in About the Tasks screen.

2. Start your task

Select Start Task on the task details panel to start a General task. This changes the task’s status to In progress.

Because General tasks are completed outside of Tasks, you can now complete whatever action has been assigned to you.

3. Complete your Task

NOTE: The task manager can also complete the General task.

Select Complete Task in the task details panel once you have completed the action assigned to you.

This changes the task’s status to Complete.

IMPORTANT: Managers can also complete General tasks.

Marking a task as incomplete

You can mark a task as incomplete if you incorrectly select Complete Task or the task needs to be worked on again.

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