Working in a Standard Setting task as a lead assignee

NOTE: Only users with the Standard Setting Assignee permission can work in Standard Setting tasks. For more information, read About task managers, assignees, and lead assignees.

Standard Setting tasks allow you to rate items in an item list according to the Angoff rating method to help determine a cut score. The Angoff rating method is designed to identify the proportion of minimally competent candidates.

As a lead assignee, you can view each item in the list in a read-only manner ignoring any task navigation settings, and Download a summary of assignees’ ratings. For more information, see Downloading Standard Setting task reports.

This article explains how to work in a Standard Setting task as a lead assignee.

In this article

1. Open the task

NOTE: If you have both Assignee and Manager permissions, select Own Tasks on the All Tasks / Own Tasks toggle to only see tasks that are assigned to you.

On the Tasks list, select the Standard Setting task you want to work on. The task details panel displays the task’s description, total item count, and days until the deadline. You can also download attachments if the task has any. For more information, read About the Tasks screen.

TIP: To find a specific task, you can search, order, and filter the Tasks list. For more information, read ‘Finding tasks’ in About the Tasks screen.

Select Open Task to open the Standard Setting screen and start working on the Standard Setting task. This changes the task’s status to In progress.

2. View your item

The Standard Setting screen contains all items in the associated item list. Items are displayed in the test driver, allowing you to see the items from a candidate’s perspective.

Use the item information panel to view the item’s correct answer, tags and tag collections.

Icon Setting Description
Item Settings View information about the item’s Correct Answer.
Item Tags View the item’s assigned tag groups and tag values. For more information, see Using tags in items.
Item Tag Collections

View the item’s assigned tag collections. For more information, read Using tag collections in items

Select Undock to pop out the dialog windows for any information available in the panel. Select and drag the dialog window to move it around the screen.

Select Dock to return the dialog window to the right-hand side panel.

Select an item breadcrumb on the item navigation panel to go to another item.

Alternatively, you can select Previous and Next to move through the item list.

Flagging items

You can flag items to mark them for an action at a later time.

Exporting task items

As lead assignee, you can export the task items to analyse them in further detail. For further information, read Downloading Review task reports and Exporting Review task items.

3. Close the task

You can close the task manually at any time. There are two ways to close a Standard Setting task.

Select Close task to close the task and return to the Tasks screen.

Alternatively, you can select Return to Tasks screen .

4. Finalise the task

Select Finalise Task in the task details panel when you are satisfied that the task is complete.

This changes the task’s status to Complete.

Marking a task as incomplete

You can mark a task as incomplete if you incorrectly select Finalise Task or the task needs to be reopened for further work.