Downloading Standard Setting task reports

As a manager, you can download and export data from Standard Setting tasks in the task details panel. Lead assignees can also download and export data from Standard Setting tasks during the task.

You can download a spreadsheet containing details on assignees, their ratings and their comments for all included items. The file format of Standard Setting task reports is CSV. 

This article explains how to download report spreadsheets for Standard Setting tasks.

TIP: The Angoff rating method is designed to identify the proportion of minimally competent candidates. To do this, you would calculate the average rating for each item based on all the assignees’ given ratings, and then calculate the average of those averages. If assignees have given both an initial and a revised Angoff rating, calculate the median of those ratings for that assignee’s item rating. It is recommended that you analyse your results and run a second Standard Setting task to verify your final cut score.
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1. Find the task

NOTE: If you have both Manager and Assignee permissions, select All Tasks on the All Tasks / Own Tasks toggle to see the tasks you are managing.

Go to the Tasks section of Surpass and select the Standard Setting task you want on the Tasks list.

TIP: To find a specific task, you can search, order, and filter the Tasks list. For more information, read ‘Finding tasks’ in About the Tasks screen.

2. Download the report

To download a report of the chosen Review task, select CSV .

3. View the report

The report spreadsheet contains nine columns with each row dedicated to one assignee’s interactions with one item. Refer to the following table for information on each column in the report spreadsheet.

Column Description
Item ID Displays the item’s ID number.
Item Name

Displays the item’s name.

User Name Displays the assignee’s user name. 
First Name Displays the assignee’s first name.
Last Name Displays the assignee’s last name.
Angoff Initial Displays the assignee’s initial Angoff rating.
Angoff Revised Displays the assignee’s revised Angoff rating, if enabled. 
Item Flagged Determines whether the assignee flagged the item (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
Task Comment Displays the assignee’s comment, left when flagging the item.