Uploading rules to a LOFT section

Linear-on-the-fly testing (LOFT) lets you create a unique test for each candidate using items based on domain and psychometric data. This style of testing ensures item exposure is optimised across your bank of items, meaning that individual items are never overexposed or underutilised.

You can upload an XML file to define the rules for an external optimiser section in a LOFT test.

This article explains how to upload rules for an external optimiser section, including how to create an XML file containing data about your rules.

In this article

1. Go to the LOFT/Adaptive screen

To view the LOFT/Adaptive screen, go to Test Creation > LOFT/Adaptive.

TIP: For more information about LOFT/Adaptive, read About the LOFT/Adaptive screen.

2. Select Edit Test Form

To view the Edit Test Form screen, choose a test form in the LOFT/Adaptive grid and select Edit Test Form.

NOTE: You can only edit external optimiser sections in the Edit Test Form screen. For information on how to edit other section types, read About test form content.

The Edit Test Form screen displays information about the chosen test form, including the Test Form Name, Test Form Reference, and any external optimiser sections.

3. Go to the Upload Rules screen

Select Upload Rules in the Edit Test Form screen to upload your rules.

4. Define rules

Choose an XML file and select Open.

Select Download Rules to download your rules. Select Remove to delete your rules.

Creating an XML file

5. Save your rules

Select Save in the Edit Test Form screen to save your rules.

You can simulate your LOFT test form to check that the item pool and rules behave as expected for the section. For more information, read Simulating a LOFT test form.

IMPORTANT: You must have defined your item pool before you can simulate your LOFT test form. For more information, read Creating an item pool.

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