Deleting a scheduled test session in the Schedule (Legacy) screen

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You can delete test sessions from the Schedule screen of Test Administration. You can do this when you want to remove a test session with candidates on a specific date and time.

Test forms must be in the Editable state to be deleted. Deleted test sessions cannot be restored.

This article explains how to delete a test session.

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1. Go to the Schedule (Legacy) screen

To view the Schedule (Legacy) screen, go to Test Administration > Schedule.

Select Legacy on the Standard / Legacy toggle to view the Schedule (Legacy) screen.

NOTE: For more information about the Schedule (Legacy) screen, read About the Schedule (Legacy) screen.

2. Choose a test session

Select the test session from the Schedule grid.

NOTE: You can only select individual test sessions to delete at a time. You cannot multi-select test sessions to delete from the table.

3. Delete your test session

Select Delete Test to delete the session.

Once you have deleted the test session, all the candidates associated with the test session are removed from it.

NOTE: Tests can only be deleted when their status is Editable. To learn more about the statuses of test sessions see About the Schedule (Legacy) screen.

Removing an individual candidate from a test session

You can remove individual candidates from a test session.

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