Adding video to an item

NOTE: The accepted video file types are AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, and WMV.

You can add video to items in Item Authoring. Videos can be used to support question content or as a visual aid for candidates. You can also use videos to support candidates with accessibility requirements.

This article explains how to add video to an item, including how to import videos into the media library and configure video player options.

In this article

1. Go to your item’s Edit screen

Select an item in your subject to open it and go to the Edit screen.

2. Open the media library

In the Edit screen, select Select Media to open the media library. For more information about the media library, read About the Surpass media library.

Finding media

You can use the free text search bar and filter options to find media in the media library.

3. Choose your video

IMPORTANT: The maximum file size is 20MB.
NOTE: You can add up to 30 media files to an item.

Search for your video and select Add media to item. You can preview your video before adding it to your item.

You can select Import to upload your audio to the media library. For more information, read Importing files to the media library.

IMPORTANT: Videos imported as shared resources are not currently supported. Ensure you import videos as standard media.

To add another video file to your item, select Add Media Item  on the Edit screen.

To delete a video file from your item, select Remove on the Edit screen.

Additional options

You can configure the video player options for your video.

Adding video as source material

NOTE: If you add video as source material, you have no control over hiding or showing controls.

You can also add video as source material. For more information, read Adding source material to an item.

Adding video as assistive media

NOTE: To learn how candidates interact with assistive media in delivery, read About the Surpass video player.

You can also add video as assistive media. For more information, read Adding assistive media to an item.

4. Choose your layout

NOTE: If you add more than one video to an item, you cannot choose your layout.

You can determine the media’s layout by selecting a Choose layout option.

Icon Setting Description
Auto Media is automatically laid out based on its dimensions. 
Left of the Answer Media is displayed to the left of the answer block.
Right of the Answer Media is displayed to the right of the answer block.
Above the Question Text Media is displayed above the question stem.
Above the Answer Media is displayed between the question stem and the answer block.
Below the Answer Media is displayed below the answer block.

5. Preview your item

NOTE: Depending on the file type, you may need to use external sources to preview your video. For more information, read Importing files to the media library.

To see your item from a candidate’s perspective, select Preview .

In Mixed subjects, you can preview your item in the HTML test driver. Use the Preview  arrow to open the Preview Options menu and select Preview in HTML . Any custom CSS is applied in the Preview  screen. For more information on custom CSS, see Creating a subject in Setup.

You can see your item with the video added.

6. Saving and closing your item

Select Save  to save your item to your subject.

To see additional saving options, use the Save  arrow to open the Save Options menu. Select Save & Close to save the item and return to the Subjects screen. Select Save & New  to save the item and create another item.

WARNING: Saving changes to live items included in scheduled tests might affect candidate delivery.

Select Close to leave the Edit screen. If you have unsaved changes, you are prompted to either save or discard them.

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