Using saved searches in Item Search

You can use Item Search to find items and item sets across all available subjects in Item Authoring. Search criteria can be saved and recalled to streamline your workflow in Item Search.

This article explains how to use saved searches in Item Search.

NOTE: You must have at least one saved search in your Surpass instance in order to use saved searches. For more information on saving searches, read Saving a search in Item Search.
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1. Open a saved search

IMPORTANT: This process describes how to open a saved search in the Item Search screen. You can also open saved searches from the Saved Searches screen. For more information, read About the Saved Searches screen. If you open a saved search from the Saved Searches screen, skip to ‘2. Use the saved search to find items’.

To view the Item Search screen, go to Item Authoring > Item Search.

Open the Select a saved search menu to see all available saved searches.

TIP: You can filter the visible saved searches on Name, Description, or Owner by typing in the search field.

Select a saved search to open it.

The saved search criteria are displayed in the criteria builder. You can edit this search criteria, save a new search, or continue to search for items matching the criteria. For more information of editing a saved search, read Editing saved searches in Item Search.

2. Use the saved search to find items

Select Search  to find items that match your chosen search criteria. 

IMPORTANT: Searches only return items you have permission to view.

For more information on search results, read About the Item Search results grid.

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