About the Saved Searches screen

You can use Item Search to find items and item sets across all available subjects in Item Authoring. Search criteria can be saved and recalled to streamline your workflow in Item Search. Saved searches are stored in the Saved Searches screen.

This article explains how to navigate the Saved Searches screen, including how to open and delete saved searches.

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Navigating to the Saved Searches screen

To view the Saved Searches screen, go to Item Authoring > Saved Searches.

NOTE: You cannot view the Saved Searches screen if there are no saved searches in your instance. For more information on creating saved searches, read Saving a search in Item Search.

About the Saved Searches grid

The Saved Searches grid displays all saved searches in your instance you have access to. This includes your own private saved searches and all saved searches that have been shared with you.

NOTE: Users with the Site Administrator permission can view all saved searches regardless of whether they are private or shared.

The following table details the columns in the Saved Searches grid:

Column Description
Name Displays the name of the saved search.
Description Displays the description of the saved search. 
Created By Displays the user who created the saved search.
Created At Displays the date on which the saved search was created.
Visibility Indicates whether the saved search is Private or Shared.
Delete Select Delete  to delete the saved search. 

Finding saved searches

Use the search bar and filter options to find saved searches.

Filter option Description
Free text search Search for your saved search using the free text search bar. Search terms are looked for in the NameDescription, and Created By fields. 

Select Order by and choose from the following options:

  • Created At  – Sorts saved searches by creation date in ascending order (earliest first).
  • Created At  – Sorts saved searches by creation date in descending order (latest first).
  • Created By  – Sorts saved searches by creator in alphabetical order (A-Z).
  • Created By  – Sorts saved searches by creator in reverse alphabetical order (Z-A).
  • Name  – Sorts saved searches by name in alphabetical order (A-Z).
  • Name  – Sorts saved searches by name in reverse alphabetical order (Z-A).



Select Filter  and choose from the following Visibility options:

  • Show All – Displays all saved searches.
  • Private – Displays only saved searches with Visibility set to Private.
  • Shared – Displays only saved searches with Visibility set to Shared.

Opening a saved search

To open a saved search, select the relevant hyperlink in the Name column.

The saved search criteria opens in Item Search criteria builder. For more information about using this search criteria to find items, read Searching for items with Item Search. Alternatively, for more information on editing saved searches, read Editing saved searches in Item Search.