About the Test Profiles screen

IMPORTANT: Only users with the Manage Test Profiles permission can view the Test Profiles screen. For more information, read About roles and permissions.

Test profiles allow you to customise how the test delivery engine appears to candidates. This includes adding custom logos, defining colour schemes, and choosing what information and functionality is available to candidates during a test. You can create, edit, and view test profiles in the Test Profiles screen.

This article explains how to navigate the Test Profiles screen and use its features. For more information about test profiles, read About test profiles.

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Navigating to the Test Profiles screen

To view the Test Profiles screen, go to Test Creation > Test Profiles.

Creating test profiles

Select Create New Profile to create a new test profile.

TIP: For more information about creating test profiles in the Test Profiles screen, read Creating test profiles.

Managing test profiles

You can see a list of existing profiles in the Test Profiles screen.

The default test profile is marked with a star ().

NOTE: The default test profile cannot be edited.

You can apply a variety of settings to a test profile to customise the way a test appears to candidates. This includes button colours, branding, time remaining alerts, and score reports. For more information about how to customise a test profile, read About test profile settings.

All tabs in the Test Profiles screen have the following three buttons: Save ChangesCancel, and Restore Default.

Button Description
Save Changes

Saves changes made in the current tab.

NOTE: You must save your changes in each tab.
Cancel Removes changes made in the current tab.
Restore Default Resets the test profile to its default settings.

Duplicating and deleting test profiles

WARNING: Deleted test profiles cannot be restored and are not available in the Test Creation screens.

You can duplicate and delete test profiles in the Test Profiles screen.

Select Duplicate to copy a test profile. When you duplicate a test profile, a new Copy of test profile is created. Select Delete to delete a test profile.

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