This section of the Surpass Help Site contains all of the changelogs for Surpass assessment products. Each changelog is a comprehensive record of product updates, including new features, improvements to existing features, and any system fixes. This information is ordered by each product release. You can also find a subject to change list of updates coming up in the next release.

Follow the links to see each changelog:

  • Surpass Platform – The Surpass Platform Changelog lists all changes to Surpass, our market-leading end-to-end assessment platform used for the authoring, administration, delivery, marking, and reporting of computer- and paper-based tests.
  • Surpass SecureMarker – The Surpass SecureMarker Changelog lists all changes to SecureMarker, our on-screen marking solution used for the “blind” marking of candidate scripts on an item-by-item basis.
  • Surpass Viewer – The Surpass Viewer Changelog lists all changes to the Surpass Viewer, which enables users to access legacy content within Surpass following Adobe’s removal of support for the Flash software platform from the end of 2020. 
  • Surpass (Legacy) tablet app – The Surpass (Legacy) tablet app Changelog lists all changes to the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app, an application that allows Surpass tests to be taken on tablet devices. 
  • Custom Question Type – The Custom Question Type Changelog lists all changes to the Custom Question types. Custom Questions are ZIP files containing custom question content that are uploaded to Surpass.