The Reporting section of Surpass is where you can view statistical information about the subjects and centres in your Surpass instance. You can also view detailed reports on the performance of items, tests, and candidates.

This page gives an overview of the Reporting section of the Surpass Help Site.

In this section

About the Analytical Data screen

About the Analytical Data screen contains information on how you can view basic statistical information about the subjects in your Surpass instance. This includes details on viewing test forms and item bank reports.

About the Operational Data screen

About the Operational Data screen gives instructions on how you can look at statistical information about test volumes on a centre and subject basis.

About Rescoring

About Rescoring explores how you can use the functionality available in Rescoring. You will learn how to create a rescoring session and how to work in a rescoring session. This includes changing answers, awarding full marks to items, and reverting changes made in the Rescoring screen. This section also includes details on how to edit scoring data.

About Custom Reports (beta)

About Custom Reports (beta) contains information on the Custom Reports (beta) screen. You will learn how proficient HTML users can create custom reports for individual candidates based on test result data.