About the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app

The Surpass (Legacy) tablet app integrates the Surpass system into an application that can be used to take tests on Apple and Android tablet devices. Read System Requirements to learn more about whether your device can support the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app.

Features of the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app include:

  • Pinch and zoom capability.
  • Vertical scrolling.
  • Static Flash content.
  • JPEG image files.
  • Colour preference options.
  • Auto-correct and spell-check disabling.

A test must have been certified for tablet delivery during test creation to enable test delivery via the app. Your test can then be scheduled as normal. Read Configuring a Test for Tablet Delivery in the Test Creation section of the Surpass Help Site for more details.  

To install the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app, read Installing the Surpass (Delivery) tablet app. Only a subset of the available Surpass item types are supported in tests using the app. For more information, read Creating items for Surpass (Delivery) tablet delivery.

Tablets can be locked down for delivery using the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app. Candidates sit tests using the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app’s test driver, which has some minor differences to the standard Surpass test driver. Read Using the Surpass (Legacy) tablet app test driver for more information.

For troubleshooting information, read Surpass (Legacy) tablet app troubleshooting.

NOTE: The Surpass (Legacy) tablet app only supports tests delivered in English.