About the Surpass PDF viewer

Candidates can use the Surpass PDF viewer in SecureClient or HTML web delivery to view PDF files added as source material side-by-side with item content in the test driver. Candidates can highlight and search for text in the PDF file, as well as magnify content and use PDF bookmarks.

This article explains how candidates can use the Surpass PDF viewer when taking a test.

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Setting up PDFs to use the PDF viewer

NOTE: The Surpass PDF viewer is only available in SecureClient and HTML web delivery.

To use a PDF file in the PDF viewer, you must import it to the media library as a shared resource. For more information, read Importing files to the media library.

IMPORTANT: PDF files that are not added as a shared resource open outside of the test driver in an external application. If using SecureClient, the default application for opening PDF files must be Adobe Acrobat or candidates will not be able to see or access PDF files not added as shared resources.

Opening the Surpass PDF viewer

IMPORTANT: The PDF viewer only opens in side-by-side view on screens with resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher. If candidates have a lower screen resolution, the PDF viewer opens in a separate window that can be docked to either side of the screen.

Candidates can open the PDF viewer in the test driver by selecting the source material button in an item’s question stem.

TIP: To automatically launch the PDF viewer whenever candidates open an item containing a PDF file, select Auto-Launch PDF viewer/HTML content in Edit Test > Advanced Settings. For more information, read About test settings.

About PDF viewer toolbar options

Candidates have access to all controls in the PDF viewer, including zoom and search. Candidates can use the highlighting tool () to highlight text in PDF files.

NOTE: Navigation controls do not appear for PDF files with one page.

The following table displays the controls available to candidates in the PDF viewer.

Functionality Icon Description
Toggle sidebar  

Shows or hides the sidebar menu containing the List of Pages and Bookmarks.

Hand tool 

Allows candidates to use the mouse pointer to move the page.


Allows candidates to search for text in the PDF file. 

NOTE: Enable Search in PDF Viewer must be selected in Edit Test Advanced Settings to allow candidates to search PDFs. For more information, read About test settings.
Zoom in  Increases the size of the PDF file. 
Zoom out  Decreases the size of the PDF file.
Automatic zoom  

Allows candidates to choose from preset magnification options including Automatic ZoomActual SizePage FitPage Width, and percentage values. 

Go to first page  Navigates to the first page in the PDF file.


Navigates to the previous page in the PDF file.


Navigates to the next page in the PDF file.

Go to last page

Navigates to the last page in the PDF file.

Documents  If more than one PDF file has been attached to an item, candidates can use the Documents menu to view each PDF file.

NOTE: You can add a maximum of ten PDF files to an item as source material. 60 PDFs can be added to one group.
Pin  Allows candidates to pin or unpin the PDF viewer.

NOTE: This control is only available in HTML web delivery.

Closes the PDF viewer.

TIP: You must enable Close Docked Source Material in Test Profiles to let candidates close the PDF viewer in HTML SecureClient. For more information, read About test profile settings.

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