About the Tests screen

On the Tests screen, you can create blank tests or edit, delete, and clone existing tests. You can access Test Profiles and Item Pools on this screen.

This article explains how to navigate the Tests screen. This includes how to use the Tests grid filters, as well as creating, deleting and editing tests.

NOTE: Tests are the container for test forms and do not contain test content. Please see About test forms if you want to add content to tests.
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Navigating to the Tests screen

Select Test Creation > Tests to navigate to the Tests screen.

About the Tests grid

The Tests grid displays all existing tests you have access to. You can see if tests are valid or invalid, their delivery method, and their status.

Setting Description
Test Name The name of the test which is displayed to candidates in delivery.
Subject The subject name the test is associated with.
Status The test status (Draft, Live or Retired) is displayed here. Read About test settings for more information about test statuses.
Valid The test is valid and you can add test forms and schedule the test.
Invalid The test is invalid. This test does not display on the test form screen and you cannot add test forms to it.
On screen The test is delivered on screen.
Paper based The test is delivered on paper.

NOTE: This is now a legacy setting because most tests that are delivered on paper are printed. For more information, read Printing test forms in Test Creation.

Filtering tests

In the Filter Tests panel, you can refine what is displayed on the Tests grid.

NOTE: Not all filters have to be applied. You can filter by one or more options.
Filter Description
Test Type Filter by Delivered on-screen or by Delivered on paper. This filters the test screen based on whether the tests were delivered on paper or on screen.
Subject Name Filter the Tests screen by the Subject tests are associated with. This only shows tests which are associated with that subject.
Status Select Draft, Live or Retired. This filters the screen based on the status of the test.
Test Date Range Select a valid date range to filter the tests which are displayed on the test screen for a specific date range.
Test Name Enter the Test Name to filter the tests displayed by a specific test name.
Test Reference Enter the Test Reference to filter the tests displayed by a specific test reference.

Select Apply Filters to search for a test.

Select Reset Filters to remove any filters applied to the Tests grid.

Creating, editing, and deleting tests

On the Tests screen, you can create blank test forms or edit and delete existing ones if you select Create Test, Edit Test, or Delete Test.

Creating a Test

Select Create Test to create a new test. You can create a test from a blank template or clone a test. For more information about creating tests, see Creating Tests.

Editing a Test

You can edit the settings of an existing test if you need to make changes.

Select Edit Test to view and change the settings of an existing test. Any changes will affect all test forms associated with this test. For more information about editing tests, see Creating Tests.

Deleting a Test

You can delete tests that are no longer required.

Select Delete Test to remove a test from Surpass. A test can only be deleted if the test status is set to retired. See Deleting Tests for more information

Test Profiles and Item Pools

You can also open Test Profiles to configure the appearance or branding of a test. See About test profiles for more information.

You can also open Item Pools to update any existing item pools on a LOFT test. For more information see About item pools.