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Special characters are non-standard letters (Ω), symbols (©), and punctuation marks (¡) that cannot be found on a typical keyboard. Surpass natively supports 197 special characters in item and source material text fields.

This article explains how to add special characters in Surpass.

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Where can I add special characters?

You can use special characters in the following content areas using the formatting toolbar:

Adding special characters

Select Insert Special Character Ω on the formatting toolbar to open the Select Special Character dialog.

Choose a character from Select Special Character to add it to your content. Special characters are added at the cursor’s location.

Alternatively, you can add special characters in the Source view. To add a special character using HTML, enter an ampersand (&) followed by the character’s entity name and a semicolon (;).

All special characters in Surpass are listed in the following table alongside their HTML entity names.

NOTE: You can also add some special characters to tables and spreadsheets in Mixed subject Table and Spreadsheet items using Font > Add Symbol. You cannot use HTML entities in tables and spreadsheets.

List of special characters

IMPORTANT: HTML entity names are case-sensitive.
Special character Description HTML entity name Available in Mixed subject Table and Spreadsheet items
! Exclamation mark !
Neutral quotation marks "
# Number sign / hash #
$ Dollar sign $
% Percent sign %
& Ampersand &
Apostrophe '
( Left parenthesis (
) Right parenthesis )
* Asterisk *
+ Plus sign &add;
Minus sign −
× Times sign ×   
÷ Divide sign ÷   
. Full stop / period .  
/ Slash / solidus /  
: Colon :  
; Semicolon ;  
< Less-than sign &lt;  
= Equals sign &equal;  
> Greater-than sign &gt;  
Less than or equal to sign &le; 
Greater than or equal to sign  &ge;
? Question mark &quest;  
@ Commercial at sign &commat;  
[ Left square bracket &lbrack;  
] Right square bracket &rbrack;  
^ Caret / hat / circumflex accent &hat;  
_ Underscore / low bar &lowbar;  
` Grave accent &grave;  
{ Left curly bracket &lcub;  
| Vertical bar &verbar;  
} Right curly bracket &rcub;  
~ Tilde &tilde;  
Euro sign &euro;  
Single opening quotation mark &lsquo;  
Single closing quotation mark &rsquo;  
Double opening quotation marks &ldquo;  
Double closing quotation marks &rdquo;  
En dash &ndash;  
Em dash &mdash;  
¡ Inverted exclamation mark &iexcl;
¢ Cent sign &cent;
£ Pound sign &pound;
¤ Currency sign &curren;
¥ Yen sign &yen;
¦ Broken vertical bar &brvbar;
§ Section sign &sect;
¨ Umlaut &uml;
© Copyright sign &copy;
ª Feminine ordinal indicator &ordf;
« Left-pointing double angle quotation mark &laquo;
¬ Not sign &not;
® Registered sign &reg;
¯ Macron sign &macr;
° Degree symbol &deg;
² Superscript digit two &sup2;
³ Superscript digit three &sup3;
´ Acute accent &acute;
µ Micro sign &micro;
Paragraph / pilcrow sign &para;
· Middle / centre dot &middot;
¸ Cedilla &cedil;
¹ Superscript digit one &sup1;
º Masculine ordinal indicator &ordm;
» Right-pointing double angle quotation mark &raquo;
¼ Vulgar fraction one quarter &frac14;
½ Vulgar fraction one half &frac12;
¾ Vulgar fraction three quarters &frac4;
Vulgar fraction one third &frac13;  
Vulgar fraction two thirds &frac23;   
Vulgar fraction one fifth &frac15;   
Vulgar fraction two fifths &frac25;  
Vulgar fraction three fifths &frac35;  
Vulgar fraction four fifths &frac45;  
Vulgar fraction one sixth &frac16;   
Vulgar fraction five sixths &frac56;   
Vulgar fraction one seventh &frac17;   
Vulgar fraction one eighth  &frac18;  
Vulgar fraction three eighths &frac38;   
Vulgar fraction five eighths &frac58;   
Vulgar fraction seven eighths &frac78;  
Vulgar fraction one ninth &frac19;  
Vulgar fraction one tenth    
Vulgar fraction zero thirds    
¿ Inverted question mark &iquest;
À Latin capital letter A with grave accent &Agrave;  
Á Latin capital letter A with acute accent &Aacute;  
 Latin capital letter A with circumflex &Acirc;  
à Latin capital letter A with tilde &Atilde;  
Ä Latin capital letter A with umlaut &Auml;  
Å Lating capital letter A with ring above &Aring;  
Æ Latin capital AE ligature &AElig;  
Ç Latin capital letter C with cedilla &Ccedil;  
È Latin capital letter E with grave accent &Egrave;  
É Latin capital letter E with acute accent &Eacute;  
Ê Latin capital letter E with circumflex &Ecirc;  
Ë Latin capital letter E with umlaut &Euml;  
Ì Latin capital letter I with grave accent &Igrave;  
Í Latin capital letter I with acute accent &Iacute;  
Î Latin capital letter I with circumflex &Icirc;  
Ï Latin capital letter I with umlaut &Iuml;  
Ð Latin capital letter Eth &ETH;  
Ñ Latin capital letter N with tilde &Ntilde;  
Ò Latin capital letter O with grave accent &Ograve;  
Ó Latin capital letter O with acute accent &Oacute;  
Ô Latin capital letter O with circumflex &Ocirc;  
Õ Latin capital letter O with tilde &Otilde;  
Ö Latin capital letter O with umlaut &Ouml;  
× Multiplication sign &times;  
Ø Latin capital letter O with stroke &Oslash;  
Ù Latin capital letter U with grave accent &Ugrave;  
Ú Latin capital letter U with acute accent &Uacute;  
Û Latin capital letter U with circumflex &Ucirc;  
Ü Latin capital letter U with umlaut &Uuml;  
Ý Latin capital letter Y with acute accent &Yactue;  
Þ Latin capital letter Thorn &THORN;  
ß Latin lowercase sharp s (Eszett) &szlig;  
à Latin lowercase a with grave accent &agrave;  
á Latin lowercase a with acute accent &aacute;  
â Latin lowercase a with circumflex &acirc;  
ã Latin lowercase a with tilde &atilde;  
ä Latin lowercase a with umlaut &auml;  
å Latin lowercase a with ring above &aring;  
æ Latin lowercase ae ligature &aelig;  
ç Latin lowercase c with cedilla &ccedil;  
è Latin lowercase e with grave accent &egrave;  
é Latin lowercase with acute accent &aacute;  
ê Latin lowercase e with circumflex &ecirc;  
ë Latin lowercase e with umlaut &euml;  
ì Latin lowercase i with grave accent &igrave;  
í Latin lowercase i with acute accent &iacute;  
î Latin lowercase i with circumflex &icirc;  
ï Latin lowercase i with umlaut &iuml;  
ð Latin lowercase eth &eth;  
ñ Latin lowercase n with tilde &ntilde;  
ò Latin lowercase o with grave accent &ograve;  
ó Latin lowercase o with acute accent &oacute;  
ô Latin lowercase o with circumflex &ocirc;  
õ Latin lowercase o with tilde &otilde;  
ö Latin lowercase o with umlaut &ouml;  
÷ Division sign &divide;  
ø Latin lowercase o with stroke &oslash;  
ù Latin lowercase u with grave accent &ugrave;  
ú Latin lowercase u with acute accent &uacute;  
û Latin lowercase u with circumflex &ucirc;  
ü Latin lowercase u with umlaut &uuml;  
ý Latin lowercase u with acute accent &yacute;  
þ Latin lowercase thorn &thorn;  
ÿ Latin lowercase y with umlaut &yuml;  
Œ Latin capital OE ligature &OElig;  
œ Latin lowercase oe ligature &oelig;  
Ŵ Latin capital letter W with circumflex &Wcirc;  
Ŷ Latin capital letter Y with circumflex &Ycirc;  
ŵ Latin lowercase w with circumflex &wcirc;  
ŷ Latin lowercase y with circumflex &ycirc;  
Single low-9 quotation mark &sbquo;  
Leading apostrophe  
Double low-9 quotation mark &bdquo;  
Horizontal ellipsis &hellip;  
Trademark symbol &trade;  
Black right-pointing pointer  
Bullet &bull;  
Left-pointing arrow  &larr;  
Right-pointing arrow &rarr;  
Double right-pointing arrow &rArr;  
Left-right double arrow &hArr;  
Black diamond suit &diams;  
Almost equal to sign &asymp;  
Α Greek capital letter Alpha &Alpha;  
Β Greek capital letter Beta &Beta;  
Γ Greek capital letter Gamma &Gamma;
Δ Greek capital letter Delta &Delta;
Ε Greek capital letter Epsilon &Epsilon;
Ζ Greek capital letter Zeta &Zeta;
Η Greek capital letter Eta &Eta;
Θ Greek capital letter Theta &Theta;
Ι Greek capital letter Iota &Iota;
Κ Greek capital letter Kappa &Kappa;
Λ Greek capital letter Lambda &Lambda;
Μ Greek capital letter Mu &Mu;
Ν Greek capital letter Nu &Nu;
Ξ Greek capital letter Xi &Xi;
Ο Greek capital letter Omicron &Omicron;
Π Greek capital letter Pi &Pi;
Ρ Greek capital letter Rho &Rho;
Σ Greek capital letter Sigma &Sigma;
Τ Greek capital letter Tau &Tau;
Υ Greek capital letter Upsilon &Upsilon;
Φ Greek capital letter Phi &Phi;
Χ Greek capital letter Chi &Chi;
Ψ Greek capital letter Psi &Psi;
Ω Greek capital letter Omega &Omega;
α Greek lowercase alpha &alpha;
β Greek lowercase beta &beta;
γ Greek lowercase gamma &gamma;
δ Greek lowercase delta &delta;
ε Greek lowercase epsilon &epsilon;
ζ Greek lowercase zeta &zeta;
η Greek lowercase eta &eta;
θ Greek lowercase theta &theta;
ι Greek lowercase iota &iota;
κ Greek lowercase kappa &kappa;
λ Greek lowercase lambda &lambda;
μ Greek lowercase mu &mu;
ν Greek lowercase nu &nu;
ξ Greek lowercase xi &xi;
ο Greek lowercase omicron &omicron;
π Greek lowercase pi &pi;
ρ Greek lowercase rho &rho;
ς Greek lowercase final sigma &sigmaf;  
σ Greek lowercase sigma &sigma;  
τ Greek lowercase tau &tau;  
υ Greek lowercase upsilon &upsilon;  
φ Greek lowercase phi &phi;  
χ Greek lowercase chi &chi;  
ψ Greek lowercase psi &psi;  
ω Greek lowercase omega &omega;  
Dagger &dagger;   
Double dagger &ddagger;    
± Plus-minus sign &plusmn;   
Check mark &check;     

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