Editing a candidate

Candidates (also known as “students” or “learners”) are people that take tests using Surpass. Unlike users, candidates do not log into Surpass. Candidates only access their tests in the test driver—either in a web browser or SecureClient.

This article explains how to edit a candidate in the Candidates screen.

In this article

1. Go to the Candidates screen

To view the Candidates screen, go to Setup > Candidates.

2. Choose a candidate

Select the candidate you want to edit in the Candidates list.

3. Select Edit

Select Edit in the Candidate Details panel.

NOTE: If you want to edit a candidate's parent centre or associated subjects, select Edit Associated Centres & Subjects . For more information, read 'Choose centre associations' and 'Choose subject associations' in Creating a candidate.

4. Edit candidate details

IMPORTANT: If ULN Visibility is enabled in Site Settings, you can also edit your candidate’s Unique Learner Number in the ULN field.

Edit the candidate’s details in the Edit Candidate Details dialog. Refer to the following table for information about each editable field.

Field Description
First Name Enter the candidate’s first name.
Middle Name(s) Enter the candidate’s middle name or names, if necessary.
Last Name Enter the candidate’s last name. 
Gender Indicate the candidate’s gender. The available options are MaleFemale, and Not specified
Candidate Ref
NOTE: You cannot edit Candidate Ref.
Date of birth Use the date picker to enter the candidate’s date of birth.

Enter the candidate’s email. This is only used for administrative purposes. Surpass never contacts candidates directly.

Tel Enter the candidate’s email. This is only used for administrative purposes. Surpass never contacts candidates directly.
Reasonable Adjustments Determines whether the candidate is to be granted extra time on their tests (for example, for reasons of physical impairment). 
Tags Assign tags to your candidate. For more information on adding tags to candidates, expand ‘Editing candidate tags’ below. 

Use the date picker to choose the candidate’s expiry date. An expired candidate cannot be scheduled for tests.

NOTE: The default expiry date is ten years from the date the candidate is created.

Editing candidate tags

Candidate tags allow you to record and store important additional information against your candidates. Candidate tag data can be retrieved in the raw data extract in Reporting.

Expand the following section to learn more about editing tags assigned to a candidate.

5. Confirm changes

Select Save Changes to update the candidate.

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