Assigning users to mark tests

WARNING: This article refers to an area of Surpass that uses Flash, which is no longer supported by web browsers. Use the Surpass Viewer to view this area of Surpass. For more information, read Installing the Surpass Viewer.

In Surpass, you can assign markers and moderators to tests. You can configure user associations in Test Creation and assign specific users as markers or moderators when scheduling tests in Test Administration.

This article explains how to assign users to mark tests in Surpass.

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1. Go to the Tests screen

To enable user associations for a test, go to Test Creation > Tests.

For more information about the Tests screen, read About the Tests screen.

2. Choose your test

Select the relevant test in the Tests grid.

Select Edit Test to open the Edit Test dialog.

3. Configure user associations

In the Edit Test dialog, select Advanced Settings. You can configure the marker and moderator associations in the User Associations panel.

Setting Description
Enable User Associations Enables users to assign tests to markers and moderators at the point of scheduling.

NOTE: You must select at least one user type for this to take effect when scheduling a test.
Restrict User Access Enforces the allocation of markers and moderators when scheduling a test.
User Type: Marker/Moderator Allows markers and moderators to be assigned to a test at the point of scheduling. 
Required Enforces markers and moderators to be assigned when scheduling a test. If Restrict User Access is enabled, all settings are automatically selected.

4. Assign users in Test Administration

TIP: You can also assign markers and moderators to a test via the TestSchedule API.

When you schedule a test in Test Administration, you can assign users to be markers and moderators for that test. For more information about scheduling a test, read Scheduling a test session.

In the Schedule Test Wizard, choose a Marker and a Moderator.

IMPORTANT: You cannot assign the same user to be both a marker and a moderator.

You can see the username of the assigned users in the Mark and Moderate screens.

If the test only contains computer-marked items and does not have the Requires Moderation to release results setting enabled in the Edit Test Form dialog, the test automatically moves to the Results screen. This is true even if a marker and moderator have been assigned and marked as Required.

NOTE: You can re-assign user associations in the Invigilate, Mark, and Moderate screens after scheduling a test. For more information, see About the Invigilate screen, About the Mark screen, and About the Moderate screen.

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