Deleting a centre

In Surpass, a “centre” is a virtual space in which tests are created by users and delivered to candidates. All items, users, candidates, subjects, tests, and test forms are associated with a particular parent centre. A Surpass centre may be linked to a physical location like a school or workplace or it can be a purely digital environment.

Deleting a centre removes all data from Surpass. Once deleted, a centre cannot be restored.

This article explains how to delete a centre in the Centres screen of Setup, including details on all prerequisite steps.

In this article

1. Check prerequisites

Before you can delete a centre, ensure that you have met the following pre-conditions:

2. Go to the Centres screen

To view the Centres screen, go to Setup > Centres.

TIP: To learn more about the Centres screen, read About the Centres screen in Setup.

3. Choose a centre in the Centres list

The Centres list displays all centres in your instance that you have access to, along with their reference codes.

Select a centre in the list to reveal more information in the Centre Details panel.

4. Select Delete in the Centre Details panel

The Centre Details panel displays basic information about the chosen centre.

Select Delete to mark the centre for deletion.

5.Confirm deletion

Select Confirm to start the deletion process.

You are notified when the centre has been successfully deleted.

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