About the Test Form Rules tab

WARNING: This article refers to an area of Surpass that uses Flash, which is no longer supported by web browsers. Use the Surpass Viewer to view this area of Surpass. For more information, read Installing the Surpass Viewer.

You can edit a test form’s content in the Test Form Rules tab of the Edit Test Form window. Here, you can add content and rules and define the test form’s duration.

This article explains the functionality on the Test Form Rules tab. This includes adding, editing and deleting content, pinning items in place, grouping items, validating content, locking the test form, and saving.

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Test Rules

You can view the test form’s structure in the Test Rules area, including all sections, items, and tools.

NOTE: For tests containing 12 or more sections, or 50 or more items or rules, use Select to show test form content to view the test form content.

About the content key

The content key indicates the types of items in the test form.

Adding, editing or deleting content

Use Add, Edit, and Delete to edit the content of a test form.

Add, Edit, and Delete behave in differently depending on what you have selected on the test form. Expand the following section to learn more about the contextual functions of these buttons.

You can also drag an item or rule to change its position in a test form. A red line indicates the new position of the item or rule.

Editing the Test Form Properties

You can add rules for pre-test items and edit the item P value ranges when you edit the Test Form Properties.

For more information about adding rules for pre-test items, read Adding non-scored items to a test form.

Pinning items in place

You can pin items in a section to ensure they stay in a fixed position when the item order is randomised.

Grouping items on one page

You can group items so they appear on a single scrollable page when delivered to candidates. You can do this in Test Form Rules using Create Group or Auto Group.

TIP: For more information, read Grouping items in a test form.

Validating the content

You can check your content is valid and can be generated. Test form content must be valid before you can schedule the test.

TIP: Validate your test form every time you edit the content.

Select Validate to check if your test form is valid.

Use the validation message to identify any changes you need to make.

Locking the content

You can lock test form content to ensure changes to items in Item Authoring do not affect the test form. The available options differ for fixed and dynamic content.

Saving the content

You must save your test form to apply any changes you make to the content.

TIP: Save your changes regularly. Changes are not automatically saved.

Select OK to save changes to your test form.

Select Cancel to exit without saving your changes.

Test Summary

You can see an overview of the test form content in the Test Summary section.

Field Description
Action script mode The action script mode of the content. ContentProducer content may be AS2 or AS3. All Surpass content is Mixed.
Total number of items The total number of items in the test form.
Pass mark The value of the lowest grade boundary. To learn how to apply grade boundaries, read Setting up grade boundaries.
Total marks The total number of marks for the test form.
Total exam time The total duration of the test form.
Average P value The average P value of the items in the test form.
Total number of Easy items

The number of items with a P value in the defined Easy range.

NOTE: This applies to fixed content only.
Total number of Medium items

The number of items with a P value in the defined Medium range.

NOTE: This applies to fixed content only.
Total number of Hard items

The number of items with a P value in the defined Hard range.

NOTE: This applies to fixed content only.

Test Form Duration

You can define the duration of a test form in the Test Duration section. You can make your test form timed, define the timings, and add breaks. For more information, read About test form duration.