About SecureClient

Surpass SecureClient is a standalone test delivery app with offline test support and built-in protections against internet and device failure. If internet connection is lost, finished tests are uploaded to Surpass from SecureClient once internet connection is restored.

SecureClient also features lockdown capabilities that prevent candidates from leaving the test session and accessing any other apps on their device during the examination.

NOTE: For information on what devices SecureClient is supported, read System Requirements.

Read the following articles to learn more about SecureClient:

  • Installing SecureClient – You can install SecureClient from the Launch Test screen in Surpass. SecureClient requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a processor speed of 1.80 GHz.
  • Downloading a test to take later in SecureClient – Tests can be downloaded to SecureClient ahead of time to be taken offline.
  • About the SecureClient Admin Console – SecureClient supports the download of tests to multiple devices in advance of a test session using the SecureClient Admin Console. If these tests are then taken offline, users can manually upload them to the server in preparation for marking.
  • SecureClient troubleshooting – Provides information on some of the common SecureClient troubleshooting issues that may be encountered and offer advice on how they can be fixed.
NOTE: You can configure tests for SecureClient in both the Test Wizard (in Item Authoring) and Test Creation. For more information, read About test types in the Test Wizard and Configuring a test for SecureClient.