Navigating a test in the Surpass test driver

You have several ways of navigating through a test in the Surpass test driver.

This article explains how to navigate through a test, including how to use section tabs, the item breadcrumb, Section Review, and forward only tests and sections.

IMPORTANT: In web delivery, selecting the Back or Refresh browser buttons takes you back to the Launch Test page. Browsers will present a confirmation window, during which time test timers stop counting down, but update to the correct time when you return to the test.
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About Introduction pages

If the test creator adds an Introduction page, you begin the test on that Introduction page.

The test timer does not start until you select Start the Test .

Navigating between sections

A section is an item container. If a test form contains more than one section, you need to navigate between them to complete the test.

Sections are represented by section tabs. Navigate to a specific section by selecting its section tab.

As you complete items in a section, the progress bar in that section tab fills.

NOTE: If a test is set to forward only navigation, section tabs are not available. For more information, read 'Navigating through forward only tests and sections' later in this article.

Navigating between items

Tests are made up of items. If a test contains more than one item, you need to navigate between the items to complete the test.

There are several ways to navigate between items.

Using item breadcrumbs

You can see the items in a section in the item breadcrumbs.

Questions are represented by numbers in the breadcrumb.

Information pages are represented by an information icon in the breadcrumb.

Navigate to an item by selecting an item breadcrumb.

Using Back and Next

You can navigate one item at a time with Back and Next .

Select Back to move to the previous item. Select Next to move to the next item.

Using Section Review

WARNING: Section Review is only supported in the HTML test driver and must be enabled in Test Profiles. For more information, read About test profile settings.

You can navigate through items and see an overview of the items in the current section in the Section Review panel.

Navigating forward only tests and sections

If a test creator has applied a forward only test profile to the test, or if a test creator has enabled Forward only section, you can only navigate to the next section. For more information, read ‘Edit section properties’ in Adding sections to a test form. To enforce forward only navigation, some navigation controls are disabled.

In forward only tests and sections, the item breadcrumb, section tabs, Section Review panel, and Back are hidden.

The only way to navigate through forward only tests and sections is Next .

Items require response

If a test creator has enabled Items require response, you cannot navigate to the next item until you have answered the current item.

If you attempt to navigate to the next question without providing an answer, you are prevented by the Question Requires Response dialog.

Select Back to return to the item and enter a response.

Re-visiting an Introduction page

You can navigate back to the Introduction page at any point during the test.

Select Introduction to return to the Introduction page.

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