About task types

The Tasks section of Surpass allows you to create, manage, and complete assignments. You can use tasks to create and review items and use the deadline tools to manage projects outside of the system.

There are four task types available in Surpass. This article describes the difference between Authoring tasks, Review tasks, Standard Setting tasks, and General tasks.

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Authoring tasks

In an Authoring task, assignees write items and submit them for review.

To learn about Authoring tasks, read Creating an Authoring task, Working in an Authoring task as an assignee, and Working in an Authoring task as a lead assignee.

Review tasks

In a Review task, assignees inspect an item list on an item-by-item basis. Assignees may also be allowed to edit items in Review tasks. There are three editing modes available for Review tasks:

Standard Setting tasks

In a Standard Setting task, assignees rate items in an item list according to the Angoff rating method to help determine a cut score for your test. The Angoff rating method is designed to identify the proportion of minimally competent candidates.

To learn more about Standard Setting tasks, read Creating a Standard Setting task, Working in a Standard Setting task as an assignee, and Working in a Standard Setting task as a lead assignee.

General tasks

General tasks are useful for setting deadlines and prompting users to perform certain actions in Surpass.

To learn more about General tasks, read Creating a General task and Working in a General task as an assignee.