Setting up a test for invigilation

WARNING: This article refers to an area of Surpass that uses Flash, which is no longer supported by web browsers. Use the Surpass Viewer to view this area of Surpass. For more information, read Installing the Surpass Viewer.

Invigilators can control how candidates access a test using the Invigilate screen in Test Administration. You can configure a test for invigilation in the Test Creation screen.

This article explains the ways you can set up a test for invigilation in Surpass. For more information about how to navigate the Invigilate screen and use its feature, read About the Invigilate screen.

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1. Create a test

To set up a new test for invigilation, go to Test Creation > Tests. For more information about the Tests screen, read About the Tests screen.

2. Select Create Test

Select Create Test on the Tests screen.

In the Create Test dialog, select Create New Test.

TIP: You can also copy an existing test. For more information, read Cloning tests.

3. Enter test information

Fill out the fields in the Create Test dialog to create a new blank test.

NOTE: The following characters are not supported in the Test Name and Test Ref. fields: '" <> &.

Fill out your new test’s information in the Create Test dialog. Refer to the following table for information on each field.

Setting Description
Subject Choose the subject that contains the items you want to include in your test.
Test Name Enter a name for your test. This is visible to Surpass users and candidates.
Test Ref Enter an alphanumeric reference. The reference is visible to Surpass users, but not candidates. The reference must be unique.
Content is

Choose the test delivery type. If your test is delivered on a computer, select On-screen. If your test is delivered on paper, select Paper-based.

NOTE: Paper based tests are a legacy setting and only applicable to ContentProducer content. For most users, this option is greyed out. Only certain item types are compatible with paper tests. For more information, read Printing test forms in Test Creation.

4. Configure test for invigilation

Select the General Settings tab in the Edit Test dialog. For more information about test settings, read About test settings.

To set up a test for invigilation, select Requires Invigilation in Test Delivery Options. If selected, a keycode and a PIN are automatically generated for candidates. A PIN is required to unlock invigilated tests.

If you do not want Surpass to automatically create a PIN, you can clear the Auto Create PIN setting in Edit Test > Advanced Settings > Miscellaneous Options. For more information about how invigilators can manually unlock a test, read Unlocking an invigilated test.

Setting up a test for invigilation in Test Administration

You can also set up a test for invigilation at the point of scheduling in Test Administration.

In the Schedule Test Wizard, select Schedule For Invigilate in Delivery & Administration. For more information about scheduling a test, read Scheduling a test session.

NOTE: If the Requires Invigilation setting is already enabled in Test Creation, this option is automatically selected and cannot be disabled.

When you have created your test and set it up for invigilation, you can create test forms containing test content in the Test Forms screen. For full instructions, read the Creating test forms and About test form settings articles.

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